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Leadership summit at NMMU Business School


Leadership summit at NMMU Business School with Prof Jansen.  Very inspirational talk for learners



LBHS learners proud to be associated with Prof Jansen, Free state university rector.

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We base our goal on established moral and educational principles

                         and attempt to encourage


  1. co-operation;
  2. attentiveness in class and sensible study habits;
  3. acceptable standards of work done regularly;
  4. effective use of time;
  5. reliability, dependability and trustworthiness;
  6. involvement in activities to develop group solidarity, camaraderie;
  7. pride in and loyalty towards the school;
  8. determination and endurance at play;
  9. individuality, initiative and inquisitiveness;
  10. good manners, politeness, friendliness and helpfulness;
  11. neatness;
  12. sober habits;
  13. a sense of responsibility and self-discipline;
  14. leadership;
  15. a sense of self-worth.


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