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Leadership summit at NMMU Business School


Leadership summit at NMMU Business School with Prof Jansen.  Very inspirational talk for learners



LBHS learners proud to be associated with Prof Jansen, Free state university rector.

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School Badge



The Lawson Brown High School insignia consists of a shield divided into three parts by a central charge, being an inverted pall in black and outlined in gold or yellow, which serves to divide the field (which is scarlet or red) into three areas:

  1. A gold or yellow coloured charge in the upper right hand side section, is a representation of the pyramid that was erected on the Donkin Reserve, a large open space in the heart of Port Elizabeth, in 1820-21 by members of the Royal Corps of Engineers on orders from the Acting Governor of the Cape, Sir Rufane Donkin, in memory of his wife, nee Elizabeth Markham, who had died of a tropical fever.
  2. A charge in the upper left-hand section, is a patriarchal cross in gold or yellow.
  3. In the base of the shield is an open book in gold (or yellow), inscribed with the motto Per ardua ad astra, which transliterates as: “Up the steep slope to the stars”, but which is translated by the School as “Through hardship (or hard work) to thestars.”A moredetailed

The cross recalls that when Bartholomew Dias undertook his journey around the Cape of Good Hope in 1488, he travelled as far east as Algoa Bay, where he planted a padrao - a stone cross bearing a tablet charged with the arms of the King of Portugal, King Joao II. He also planted a wooden cross on an island in the bay which he named llha de Santa Cruz, today called St Croix. The island can be seen clearly from the high ground on which the school stands in Millard Grange.

translation provided in the school prospectus reads: “Through effort/ hard work/commitment towards the stars.”

The motto’s wording is reflected in theschool’s   highest   accolade

awarded to a pupil for all-round excellence, the Astra Award. The motto is also that of the South African Air Force.

A book (openor closed) often

appears in the arms of academic institutions as a symbol of learning, and  an openbook is   frequently

inscribed with a motto.

The whole of the field is enclosed in a border of gold or yellow, rounding out the design of the shield.

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